Leadership Summit

Join hundreds of young leaders from across the U.S. and around the world for our 2015 Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.



Due to overwhelming demand, registration for the Girl Up Leadership Summit is closed.


Q. Where is the Girl Up Leadership Summit?
A. The W Washington Hotel in Washington, DC.


Q. Which hotel is best for attendees?
A. The W Washington D.C. is the official hotel and host of the 2015 Girl Up Leadership Summit. The hotel is in the center of downtown D.C. with both the National Mall and White House within walking distance. It is also metro accessible if attendees opt to stay elsewhere.

Q. What is the hotel room rate?
A. The reserved discounted room rate has now expired, but we still encourage you to room at the W Washington Hotel. You can find other local DC-area hotels by visiting our Location + Lodging page.

Q. Can attendees share rooms to split costs?
A. Yes, Girl Up encourages participants to room together to add to the overall Leadership Summit experience. The online Girl Up Community is a great place to connect with fellow attendees and work out rooming plans. You can also join our Facebook page to connect with other attendees.

Q. Who do I contact if I have trouble booking a room?
A. If you are booking at the W Hotel, the best person to contact is Dila, reservations coordinator, at 202-661-2462.


Q. For what age group is the Girl Up Leadership Summit best?
A. We encourage both middle and high school students, as well as college students to attend the Leadership Summit. Most workshops and breakout sessions will be divided by age group to allow for targeted learning. We encourage all genders to attend!

Q. When will programming begin and end?
A. Breakfast will be served before daily programming starts at 9 am. Programming will finish at approximately 5 pm on Monday and Tuesday, and approximately 4 pm on Wednesday to accommodate evening flights. We expect attendees to participate in all programming.

Q. When will the final program be available?
A. View the full agenda here.

Q. What should attendees pack?
A. Monday and Tuesday dress is casual. Please remember that even though July in Washington D.C. is hot, hotel air conditioning can be chilly. We recommend packing at least one sweater/sweatshirt. Wednesday dress is business casual. Participants will wear the Girl Up t-shirt they receive on top and should plan to wear a professional skirt and/or pants on the bottom.


Q. Will Girl Up be providing chaperones overnight?
A. No, Girl Up is unable to chaperone Leadership Summit attendees after official programming ends.

Q. Do underage participants need a chaperone?
A. Girl Up does not require minors to attend the summit with a chaperone. However, unchaperoned participants are required to complete and submit a permission slip which will be emailed a month in advance of the summit.

Q. Do chaperones need to register and pay?
A. If chaperones wish to participate in any part of the programming, they should register and pay like any other summit participant. Note: Youth participants will be given priority seating within the conference space.

Financial Assistance

Q. When will I know if I have been awarded financial assistance?
A. Those who have registered for the summit and requested financial assistance will be notified of Girl Up’s decision within 2-3 weeks of registering. Financial assistance is need-based which means it’s up to the discretion of Girl Up staff to determine the extent to which an attendee’s financial situation merits funding to attend the summit. Financial assistance is awarded on a rolling basis.

Q. I need financial assistance in order to pay for the summit registration fee. How can I do this?
A. Unfortunately, all attendees are expected to pay the registration fee. Only transportation and hotel costs may be covered under financial assistance. If needed, Girl Up staff can provide you suggestions on how to personally fundraise the money required for the registration fee.

Q. What is the maximum amount of financial assistance?
A. $1,000 USD is the maximum amount available for an individual to attend the Leadership Summit.

Q. How long will it take to receive financial assistance?
A. Financial assistance is awarded in the form of a reimbursement check. After an attendee is notified, a reimbursement check usually takes 1 month to arrive. This means attendees should not wait until the check arrives to book travel and accommodations. If attendees delay their purchase of travel, costs will be significantly higher.

Q. Does Girl Up make travel and accommodation arrangements for those who receive financial assistance?
A. No. Every attendee is personally responsible for booking their travel and hotel. Girl Up does have a hotel block which will provide attendees a room for a discounted rate. Note: Girl Up is unable to sponsor any travel visas. If you are attending from a country outside the U.S. make sure you have made arrangements to secure your visa prior to registering.

Q. What is the deadline to be considered for financial assistance?
A. Participants must register by May 22 in order to be considered for financial assistance.

Q. Can the registration fee be refunded if I am not awarded financial assistance?
A. Yes, Girl Up will refund your registration fee in the event that you are not granted financial aid and consequently are unable to attend the summit. However, refund requests will only be granted up until July 1st.

Q. If multiple members of a single family want to attend the summit, is every individual allowed to apply for financial assistance?
A. All youth (school-age) can apply for financial assistance no matter if they are from the same family. Chaperones are not eligible to apply.