Akila Somasegar


Akila Somasegar is a finance professional and a philanthropist with a specific interest in empowering women and children. She manages her family foundation through which she drives her philanthropic activities.

Akila started her career at Microsoft in their International Finance division working with subsidiaries in Africa, India and Middle East for many years. After a break in her career she joined a startup called Buuteeq, as the Head of Revenue, which grew globally with subsidiaries in Latin America and Europe. The startup was acquired by Priceline in 2014 after raising a couple of venture capital rounds.

Since the Priceline Acquisition, she has been devoting her time fully on philanthropic projects both in the US and in several developing countries empowering women and children through education and vocational training.

Akila launched Girl Up in Sri Lanka with the help of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Children’s welfare and Sri Lankan ministry of Education. A nationwide launch was held in Colombo in October of 2015.

Akila is also a Board Director and Executive committee member for YWCA serving Seattle, King County and Snohomish County.  She also serves as a Board Director for “Bellevue Life Spring”, a local non-profit organization that is 106 years old.

She has a degree in Commerce and Accounting and a graduate diploma in computer applications. She lives in Medina, Washington with her husband and two daughters.