Karen Miller

Karen Miller is the Senior Vice President, Worldwide Television Marketing, Creative Services, for the Warner Bros. Television Group. She manages the day-to-day operations of the Creative Services department, overseeing the conceptualization and design of all print and on-air advertising, photo, and promotional materials for the Studio’s worldwide television marketing, sales and publicity initiatives. She works closely with the Studio’s internal marketing executives, providing creative direction on the promotional campaigns for programming. This includes concepts, strategy, creative, production and implementation for both print, on-air, photo, streaming and digital. Additionally, Miller and her department help guide the creative efforts of the Studio’s television production and distribution entities—which includes Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, WBTV, Warner Horizon, and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution—with launch campaigns, social media and mobile content, branding identity, episodic promos, Saga Sells, Behind The Scenes/EPK shoots, interviews and production, sizzle reels, series development pitches, motion design, and WB gallery photo shoots.

Miller also served as Vice President, Warner Bros. Television Creative Services. Prior to that she was Art Director for Warner Bros. International Television division. Before joining the Studio, Miller worked for Conde Nast Publishing as Associate Art Director and Graphic Designer for Architectural Digest magazine. Miller traveled to Ethiopia on behalf of the studio in conjunction with USAID and Mercy Corps organizations to develop scripts and imagery for the “Soap Operas for Social Change” program. The partnership launched a radio soap opera to get inside the homes (and minds) of traditional pastoral families in Ethiopia. Through drama, love and conflict, the goal was to educate these communities and challenge some of the key behaviors that threaten their long-term food security, health and wellbeing. Miller was one of four Warner Bros. volunteers that extended their creative expertise to develop interesting characters, compelling storylines and an impactful promotional strategy. They shared best practices for writing and marketing with the Ethiopia staff members to ensure longevity of the program – and spent time in Ethiopia in order to help shape stories that would be compelling and authentic. Storyboarding and styling photo shoots for the program, and the three regions being represented in these dramas, came with its own unique set of challenges, as each region wears different designs, colors and patterns, that reflect their own traditions. Although they used many of the same models for each of the photo shoots, the models wore clothing, and were styled with a sensitivity and respect for each region. The end result was a radio drama that airs in Afar, Oromia and Somali, with dialect and characters tailored to each of the three regions. Incorporating the details that make each of these areas unique, like names and common greetings–established familiarity and assured that each audience can connect with the characters and messages. The radio series informs listeners of how to care for their livestock while also teaching them how to stave off malnutrition while also hitting on the sorts of intergenerational conflicts and star-crossed relationships that reel in listeners. By doing so, it works to break the cycle of illness and poverty in Ethiopia — in a way that’s engaging. So far, it’s been a hit.

Miller worked with the organization Women for Women International, to help them create a promotional video that details how the organization supports the most marginalized women in countries affected by conflict and war. Their programs enable women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, women are able to create sustainable change for themselves, their family, and community.

She has also helped produce videos for the Women’s Heart Alliance, an organization that works to raise awareness, encourage action and drive new research to combat women’s heart disease.

Miller has served on the Board of Directors for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and for The Los Angeles Conservancy.