Michelle King

Michelle King es la directora de Estrategia Integrada y Asociaciones para la Innovación de ONU Mujeres. Es una experta líder a nivel mundial en asuntos de género y organizaciones. She is a keynote speaker, researcher, writer and advocate. She has significant international experience advancing women in innovation and technology, leading global diversity and inclusion programs and advocating for women at work. King currently leads UN Women’s gender innovation work focused on leveraging innovation and technology to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. King is a published, award winning academic with a Masters in Psychology and an MBA.

In addition, she is pursuing a PhD through Cranfield University in the United Kingdom on the topic of office politics, networks and gender in organizations. King has spoken at numerous conferenced including Ellevate Network Conference, Texas Conference for Women,  and the Pennsylvania Conference for Women. As a thought leader, King currently contributes to Forbes, Huffington Post and Thrive Global on the topic of women’s advancement at work and she has also been published in Harvard Business Review and TIME magazine. In addition, Michelle has a book coming out in spring 2020 with Atria (Simon and Schuster), which focuses on how we fix workplaces to support future generations of women leaders!