Shelmina Abji

Shelmina Babai Abji is a global empowerment speaker, a former IBM Vice President, distinguished alumni, board member, an angel investor and an advisor to C-suite executives. Shelmina’s passion is gender equality in leadership.

Having achieved success beyond what she could have ever imagined growing up, she left her career to have an impact by sharing her insights to accelerate the success of other girls and women.

Her insights and life journey have empowered thousands of girls and women to unlock their power and potential.

She has spoken at many corporations,  conferences and universities including Google, IBM, Edward Jones, WITHOrg, AAHOA, GirlUp, NCWIT, Universities of Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon and  Harvard University.

Shelmina was born in Tanzania into a family with very strong values and limited material wealth. She had to leave home at 15 to obtain higher education and was the first person in her family to obtain a college degree. Her education was her passport out of poverty.

Recognizing her power of thought and choices, she  turned every challenge into an opportunity for growth, she rose to become one of the highest ranking woman of color at IBM while raising her children as a single mother since they were 2  and 4.

Shelmina has degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. She started her career as a software developer and then moved into sales and sales leadership. As part of IBM’s top talent, she has received extensive leadership training at IBM, Harvard and UCLA.

Shelmina serves on the board of Girl Up and TiE-Seattle: world’s largest non profit global organization that fosters entrepreneurship.