Susan Sherrerd

Susan SherrerdSusan Sherrerd is a non-profit board member, fundraiser and philanthropist who has a deep appreciation for people, languages and cultures outside of the United States. She earned a B.A. degree in East Asian Studies, with honors, from Princeton University; an M.B.A from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; and an M.A. in International Studies, with a concentration in Japanese language, from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Affairs. Susan began her professional career in venture capital and investment banking in San Francisco and later transitioned to international marketing, primarily in Japan. In recent years, she has developed a philanthropic focus on advocacy in health, literacy and women’s issues. Susan is currently a managing director of the Muirfield Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Princeton Bridge Year Program, a 9-month, tuition-free program that allows newly admitted undergraduates the opportunity to engage in community service work in another country.