2018 BMW Berlin Marathon

Team Girl Up is headed to Europe for the Berlin Marathon! Take your marathon game to the next level at one of the largest and most popular races in the world, joining runners from 122 countries and more than one million spectators.

This year’s race takes place on September 16, 2018. Originally run only in West Berlin, when the German city was divided, the fast and flat course now weaves back and forth across the former wall, and ends with all racers passing through Brandenburg Gate. Secure your guaranteed entry in this sold-out race with Girl Up. The fundraising minimum for the Berlin Marathon is $2,500.

Be part of our team for this sold-out race and receive all the benefits of running with Girl Up, including weekly newsletters, fundraising and training resources, personal coaching and more. 

You don’t need to be an experienced endurance runner to be part of Team Girl Up. We are looking for runners with a passion for making a difference in the lives of girls around the world.

Team Girl Up is a community of runners, coaches and Girl Up staff dedicated to supporting the empowerment of girls everywhere. Members of Team Girl Up know that girls are powerful, and they are committed to fundraising for Girl Up so that all girls—no matter where they are born—can reach their full potential. Learn more about Team Girl Up’s benefits and expectations.