Her GenZ World

Did you know that 70% of teen girls representing seven countries globally believe their lives need to make a difference in the world?

Or that 65% of Gen Z girls feel it is important for companies to take a stand on social issues?

Or that only half of Gen Z girls see social media celebrities as a trusted source of information?

In our recent data-driven report, Her GenZ World: Insights into the global girl – which was created in partnership with our board of Teen Advisors to ensure the survey was for girls, by girls – Girl Up reveals that globally, Gen Z girls are driven by social activism and seek companies willing to take a stand on social issues. Her GenZ World includes findings on Gen Z girls’ opinions on global citizenship, gender equality, gender and identity, media, mental health, STEM and education, and more. The study, which was conducted in five languages, dives into the mind of Gen Z girls ages 14-19 from the United States, United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, India, and China.
Additional key findings include:

  • 65 percent say buying from brands that give back to their community is important, while 72 percent agree it’s important to buy products or services from brands that are environmentally friendly.
  • 68 percent agree that their generation has more stress and anxiety than previous generations, yet 49 percent feel they can easily access quality mental health resources in their communities.
  • 81 percent think being given equal education in STEM as boys is important, yet only 42 percent feel they have equal access.
  • 66 percent of girls in the US agree that social media celebrities are not a trusted source of information and 53 percent agrees that the media inaccurately represents teenagers.

Amid the current surge of girl power and activism, Girl Up provides leadership resources and trainings to teen girl leaders and changemakers through its more than 3,000 Clubs in 100 countries, allowing us to uniquely navigate the intersectional identities, values and perspectives of this dynamic generation.

Her GenZ World was created in partnership with research partner BAVGroup (a Y&R consultancy) and creative partner Berlin Cameron, and illustrates the complexities and contradictions found in the first fully technology-driven, globally aware generation in history. Beyond a detailed look at the Gen Z girl, the report leverages the BAV® approach to brands to identify opportunities and inform strategic solutions for brands looking to engage with Gen Z girls.

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For parties interested in diving deeper into this demographic with focus groups, Girl Up salon discussions with girl leaders or gaining insights from tailored partnership with Girl Up, please contact Girl Up Advancement Specialist Carol Cropp at ccropp@girlup.org.