Carly Pablos & Vivien Hastings

Northwestern - Copy

Girl Up’s campus group at Northwestern University is led by a dynamic duo: Carly Pablos and Vivien Hastings. From Girls Count advocacy campaigns on campus to innovative fundraisers, these ladies know what it means to stand up for girls around the world.

Carly and Vivien both signed up for a Chicago half-marathon in the spring of 2014 to run in honor of Girl Up. They asked family and friends to pledge their support for every mile they ran, and together they collected $XXX for Girl Up. Crossing the finish line took a lot of guts and strength, but for these campus leaders, this was more than a race. It was a sign of their commitment to putting girls first and showing others how to do the same.

In May, under Carly and Vivien’s leadership, Northwestern University Girl Up also held a local leadership day for middle school students in the greater Chicago area. More than 60 young leaders learned about Girl Up and were trained on the skills to be advocates in their own schools and communities. Northwestern University Girl Up is already planning for their second annual local leadership day this spring.