Leadership Summit Speakers I Can’t Wait to See!


By: Zulia Martinez, Programs Intern, Girl Up


While there are many amazing things to look forward to at the 2019 Leadership Summit, I’m most excited about this year’s lineup of speakers! I can’t wait to learn from all our speakers: whether they are activists, athletes, businesswomen, or political leaders. With an abundance of perspectives, the Summit offers the opportunity to hear from global experts on women’s and girls’ empowerment.

Here are a few of the incredible speakers that I look forward to hearing from:

1.  Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

As a proud Massachusetts citizen, I was thrilled when Congresswoman Pressley was elected. She is the first Black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress! As one of our keynote speakers, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley will speak about how she champions causes and uplifts voices through advocacy. I look forward to learning about her personal challenges and successes that have come with being a political leader.

2 and 3.  Danielle Villafaña Pore, Girl Up Club Leader, Australia, & Alexandria Villasenor, Climate Activist

With June 2019 recorded as the hottest month on Earth, it is essential that we discuss climate action! Evidence shows women and girls are most adversely affected by climate change. So, our fight for gender equality must go hand in hand with our fight for climate action. I’m so excited to learn about what these young activists have been doing and the ways they’ve advocated for change!

4. Wade Davis

Wade Davis is a former NFL player who champions inclusivity and women’s rights. In our fight for gender equality, it is critical to get men and boys involved. I’m interested to hear his take on inclusion and best methods to get boys and men involved in our advocacy.

5. Girl Up Club Leaders and Teen Advisors 

Girl Up Club Leaders and Teen Advisors will be speaking during Girl Talks, Inspire Sessions, panels, and more. I’m most excited to hear from them: Girl Up is nothing without its girls (by girls, for girls!). Hearing from young, passionate people fight for gender equality and become leaders in their community is always the most inspiring part of the Leadership Summit for me.

Watch the livestream of our 2019 Summit here!