Send a Video to Say Thank You!

Thank Your Members of Congress for Passing the Girls Count Act

You’ve heard the amazing news: The Girls Count Act is now LAW! We couldn’t have done this without you, and we certainly couldn’t have passed this bill without the support of Congress.

Want to show your elected officials just how excited you are that they passed this bill? Create a “Thank You” video!


Film the video holding your iPhone, video camera or digital camera horizontally. 

Speak slowly and let your enthusiasm shine! You can do this video solo or with several of your club members. Some lines might even be best read by your entire club!

Upload the video to YouTube and send the link to

Sample Script:

I just wanted to say thank you.

The Girls Count Act passed!

This is a big win for girls everywhere.

This legislation will help ensure girls in developing countries are counted and registered at birth.

And you helped make this happen.

So thank you [insert the names of your senators and representative] for passing the Girls Count Act!

Girls Count!