STEM for Social Good

Calling all STEMinists: Ready to change the world using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics) for social good?! Grab your curiosity and your Club, and let’s get to work!

Intel Future Skills STEAM Camp

Intel® Future Skills STEAM Camp

¿Quiénes cumplen los requisitos para presentar una solicitud para participar en el campamento?

CAMPERS: Self-identifying girls, ages 15 to 18 by the first day of the camp, with at least one year of high school remaining, who are citizens of Japan or residents of Arizona, California, New Mexico or Oregon. First generation college students are highly encouraged to apply, as well as those applicants who have not participated in similar camps previously.

Want to apply to be a camper? APPLY HERE BY MARCH 31, 2020!

Las solicitantes deben demostrar interés en los campos de STEAM y compromiso con sus escuelas y comunidades, si se les ha presentado la oportunidad. Se anima a las solicitantes a que nos informen si enfrentan algún obstáculo personal o económico que les impida desarrollar su interés en las disciplinas de STEAM o buscar oportunidades educativas y extracurriculares relacionadas con ellas. Se dará preferencia a las solicitantes que estén interesadas en aprender más sobre STEAM y tengan recursos económicos limitados o falta de acceso a otras oportunidades de aprendizaje. Además, las solicitantes deben tener buena disposición, amplitud de ideas e interés en experiencias de aprendizaje interculturales.

COUNSELORS:  Self-identifying women, ages 20 and older by the first day of the camp, currently enrolled or recently graduated from a College or University, who are citizens of Japan or the United States of America. Applicants with experience caring for youth in an international, residential setting are highly encouraged to apply, as well as those applicants who have a firm belief in the value of diversity and inclusion in the STEAM fields.

Want to apply to be a counselor? APPLY HERE BY MARCH 31, 2020!

Who are the Intel® Future Skills STEAM Camp organizers?

The camp is made possible through a partnership between Intel and Girl Up.

¿Cuál es la fecha límite para presentar la solicitud para participar en el campamento?

Apply by Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET.

¿Cuándo se notificará a las participantes seleccionadas?

Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application by April 30, 2020.

¿Qué costo tiene asistir al campamento? ¿El alojamiento, la comida y las actividades están incluidos?

All selected 2020 participants will receive a scholarship to attend the camp free of charge, a value of over $2,000 USD. All costs associated with lodging, food, and activities during the camp are covered through the support of Intel. Participants may bring a limited amount of personal spending money for small souvenirs and snacks if they wish.

¿Debo tener un pasaporte para presentar una solicitud para participar en el programa?

No. No es requisito contar con un pasaporte para presentar una solicitud para el programa. However, participants from Japan will need a passport and potentially need a visa in order to travel to the camp location in Eugene, Oregon, once accepted.

¿Cuántas estudiantes participarán en el campamento?

Approximately 100 campers.

¿Con quién interactuarán las chicas que participen en el campamento?

Camp participants will most closely interact with their counselors, who are also invited from the same participating countries. Counselor and campers will stay in dormitory style housing onsite. Each counselor will be responsible for a group of 10 counselors.

Camp staff will be composed of by Girl Up employees at all camps. All staff staying overnight on the camp premises are required to undergo a background check.

STEM Toolkit

  1. How many activities does my Club have to complete from the STEM toolkit?
    You and your Club may complete as many STEM activities as you would like from the toolkit—the more the merrier! Keep in mind that the more activities you complete the better chance your Club will receive funding for your STEM grant. Take what you learned in the Call to Action to create a STEM for Social Good solution.
  1. What is the STEM grant in the ‘Call to Action’ portion of the toolkit? In the final section of the toolkit, the ‘Call to Action’, Clubs will have the option of creating a proposal to send to Girl Up to apply for a STEM grant. This grant will be used for a social good solution that you and your Club comes up with to help aid a gender-based issue that faces your local community.
  1. My Club is having a hard time gathering the materials for the activities in the toolkit. Is there a place we can buy all materials?
    Yes! We understand it’s costly and time-consuming to buy materials for all activities in the toolkit, so you can buy materials for the activities in the Girl Up store! Any active Club can receive a free kit of supplies. Just download the STEM for Social Good toolkit in the Girl Up Community to get your free coupon code.

2020 STEM Tour

  1. Who can request Girl Up to bring a STEM for Social Good training?
    Any teacher/educator or Girl Up leader can request Girl Up to bring our STEM for Social Good programming to their school.
  2. How long is a typical STEM training?
    Programming for our STEM for Social Good training can accommodate your schedule. Our training can be one hour or longer as requested, able to fit into one class period or one after-school Girl Up Club meeting.
  3. What types of skills will we learn during a STEM for Social Good training?
    Our STEM programming includes hands-on activities from our STEM Toolkit, human-centered design training, and activities to help you build STEM social good solutions for your community.
  4. Do I or my Club members need to provide anything for the Girl Up STEM for Social Good training?
    Girl Up provides all materials needed for our programming. We would need a classroom, basic AV equipment (projector and screen), and a room of at least 20-30 participants.
  5. Does it cost anything to bring Girl Up to my school or Club?
    Our STEM for Social Good programming is free of cost thanks to the support of our generous partners. Additionally, Girl Up brings resources to lead STEM activities in your school and STEM for Social Good materials.
  6. Are there any other ways to engage with Girl Up’s STEM for Social Good programming?
    Yes! You can join us at any of our one or two-day trainings in select regions around the world. These STEM for social good events provide a more in-depth experience and exposure to women in STEM fields. Please reference our Events tab for more information on how to sign up for these events.