Alex Riginos, Co-Chair

¡Hola! My name is Alex Riginos and I’m a senior at St. Anne Catholic School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am excited and grateful to return as Co-Chair for the Teen Advisor Class of 2018-2019!

I founded my Girl Up club in 2015 and have since, restlessly worked to advocate on behalf of, fundraise for, and empower all girls, everywhere. This year, my club has held workout classes and various other fundraisers for Girl Up’s SchoolCycle, created an International Women’s Week to celebrate IWD, and held in-district meetings with Representative Ralph Norman regarding refugee girls’ safety and access to education. This past year, we also established a middle school-sister Girl Up club to my high school club, engaging the younger generation in on our movement for gender equality. Together, we have worked to spread the mission of Girl Up throughout our entire community!

When I’m not Girl Up-ing, I’m likely interning at a local law firm; as I hope to one day practice international law, my experience as an intern has fostered my fundamental understanding of the Justice System and has illuminated my future endeavors as a lawyer. I also founded the Model UN club at my school, where my combined passions— maintaining international peace, protecting human rights, and upholding international law— come together and flourish. Throughout my senior year, I plan to explore “Engineering for Social Good,” evaluating how engineers can help the UN achieve the SDGs by 2030, as well as researching economic sustainability— an area of study that fascinates me!

You can also find me discussing politics, drinking iced coffee, and doing all I can on a daily basis to shatter the glass ceiling!

I am excited to inspire and empower this class of TAs, as I know they will inspire and empower me!