Alissa Flores

I’m Alissa Flores and I’m a junior at Hylton High School in Woodbridge, VA. Before moving to the U.S at the age of four, I lived in a small town in the north of Peru named Piscobamba. Even though I didn’t live in my birth-town, this is where I learned the meaning of life and the importance of embracing my roots. Peru as many other developing countries has a percentage of its population living under poverty line, which is observed in the urban and rural areas throughout the country, my birth-town is no exception. Every time I go back, I have the chance to meet new people and among them I have met extraordinary human beings that despite their economic instability and lack of access to resources, manage to live a life of love, happiness, respect, and humility. They are real fighters that don’t let minimal things discourage them, they persevere and value everything they do and have. Observing these experiences has helped shape the person I am today, I now see life through a different scope.

In addition to loving my heritage, living in the U.S. has awaken my love and respect towards other cultures. Through my school years I have been engaged in my community at different capacities in sports, arts, leadership, and volunteerism where I have been able to meet a diverse group of people.I did not only learned to love and respect other cultures, but I felt for the first time that my voice was being heard and that I had the power to transform the world around me – this is what Girl Up did for me as a freshman. I am looking forward to an amazing 2017-2018 Girl Up Teen Advisor term. I will take my voice to help and encourage other girls like me to become leaders and be bold for change and equality around the world.

Lastly, in my free time, I like to watch comedy and drama films, listen and capture memorable moments of my life through my camera.