Amanda Backal

Hi! My name is Amanda Backal and I am so grateful for the chance to empower and advocate for girls and women all over the world with Girl Up. As a past participant of Girls20’s Bootcamp for Brains, I was notified of the opportunity to be a Teen Advisor for Girl Up. I have always loved taking on leadership roles and speaking out for causes I believe in, so when I heard about the opportunity to work with such an amazing organization to help make a change for a cause I care so much about, I jumped at the chance.

I am passionate about helping people and bringing about positive change and have had the chance to take part in some amazing clubs and councils at school and in my community. I have served as my grade’s Class President for the past 2 years at school. I love being able to make meaningful contributions to my school and act as a voice for my peers. I have also served on the Richmond Hill Youth Action Committee for 2 years. It has been very fun and rewarding to plan events for the youth of my town and to advise the town on how to make the community a better place for kids and teens.

When I’m not busy with leadership tasks, I love acting! I am in the Theatre Arts program at my school, which means I get to learn a little more about theatre and acting every day in class! Outside of school, I also act in film, television, and commercials, which is often very exciting for me. I also love taking part in the school musical every year. In the past, I have enjoyed performing in the musical as well as helping with choreography and sets for the show.

In school, my main interests are in science and math, but there are aspects I like about every subject. I love to read, hang out with friends, and chill with my dog in my spare time. I am so excited to be a Teen Advisor for Girl Up!