Amy Gong Liu

Hey everybody! My name’s Amy Gong Liu, and I’m a senior at Alameda High School in Alameda, California. I’m absolutely humbled and thrilled to be a part of the Girl Up campaign this year by serving as a Teen Advisor!

To start off, I’m a varsity captain of my school’s water polo and swim teams, and you can always catch me smelling like eau de chlorine. In my free time, I voraciously read transcendentalist literature and pieces on political theory and sing loudly/rap badly.

I’m a politics/public policy aficionado, with a fiery passion for fighting for what I believe in. This summer, I worked two internships with both my local California State Assemblymember and Congresswoman, and the experience truly provided an insight into the inner cogs of the political world. I’m also involved in the Junior State of America (JSA), a student-run organization in the country dedicated to eradicating political apathy, as the State’s Expansion/Recruitment director with a focus on reaching into low-income communities as future club bases, and my school’s chapter president. Hillary Clinton is my biggest “she-ro”, and I aspire to run for public office one day, too!

I found out about Girl Up through a mutual friend in JSA. When I started my high school’s chapter in my junior year, many questioned the validity of our cause. We were ridiculed on social media and told that we’d never accomplish change. I’m proud to say that the club thrived and grew into an immensely popular one as the year went on, with members of both genders fundraising to sponsor a classroom of girls with eco-friendly sanitary hygiene products. This year, I look forward to working with my Girl Up on a local, national and international level to inspire change, and showing that one girl (or guy!) can truly make a profound impact.

I believe in girls, and I believe that girls can make a difference. Girl Up seeks to create its own waves of change, with the catalyst residing inside each and every person in the movement. I look forward to a passionate year filled with love, hope, and most of all, our voices. After all, silence is the greatest enemy to advocacy.

But with Girl Up, we will never sit in quiet.