Angela Zhang

Ni hao! My name is Angela, and that means many things. It means that I’m an inquisitive, inspired 15-year-old born in California and born to speak, that I go to Geffen Academy at UCLA. It means I cannot live without passion, that I believe in colors which don’t exist. It means my fingers are sprinkled in both paint and hope, my eyes reflecting worldly desire to help others.

But most, it means I support the rights, open and hidden, of women’s identities across the globe. As a firm advocate of gender and human rights equally, especially regarding immigration policy, I stand for you. My name as Angela means that as an Asian-American with immigrant parents, I understand the first-hand obstacles. I am a firm-believer in spreading awareness through educational curriculums, starting with elementary, on the significance of women’s’ rights within immigration, and why more hidden issues such as exploitation are imperative to know.

Having spoken at the UN Youth Solutions Summit on Human Rights, my passion for taking ambassadorship to a new level of support for girls’ rights everywhere only grows. As an active member in our school’s Intersectional Feminism Club, as well as having attended forums like the VELOCITY Women’s Conference, I’ve learned a rainbow of experiences. Hoping to spread those experiences, I’m launching a platform that empowers students with limited opportunities to voice their stories. Most, I seek to combine my zeal for international relations with visual arts. Having grasped pencils, paintbrushes, charcoals, etc. (you name it!) for 10+ years of my life, I desire to involve my passion for art in spreading awareness and changing worlds.

As this is my first official year in Girl Up, words cannot describe how empowered I feel – not only to serve as a Teen Advisor, but in connecting with my fellow, incredible advisors and women across the world. I’m thrilled to be representing #girlheroes everywhere!

The future is female, the future is equal, the future is stigma free, and it’s one word that represents female power – “you”. Let’s change some worlds, through speaking and sketching, together!