Claire Brito

Hi y’all! I’m Claire and I am 16 years old. I am currently a high school junior attending Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts. I am a proud Texan and grew up in Houston where I enjoy hanging out with my little brothers, jamming out to live country music and the awesome Mexican food!

At boarding school, I love history classes, being a dorm proctor, serving as a Model UN delegate, screaming my lungs out as a coxswain for the rowing team, running cross country with my supercool teammates, and hoarding travel magazines in preparation for my some-day trip around the world.

I discovered Girl Up while researching girl-specific organizations in preparation for a summer program that I run in Ecuador, my dad’s home country. My program focuses on arming girls with the information needed to make smart, healthy decisions at a key time in their life: adolescence. As a part of this demographic myself, I think that it is paramount that girls everywhere have the same access to information about their health that I have. Making this information available for all girls is my passion, and aligns perfectly with Girl Up’s mission.

I’m inspired by the ways that people connect and communicate for change; whether that be across nationalities, borders, languages, or screens. Communities like Girl Up are important because they connect like-minded young women to be that change. I can’t wait to take the next step with this powerful group, hand in hand with both the fabulous  Teen Advisor team and change-makers around the world!