Dorsa Moslehi

Hi everyone! My name is Dorsa and I am a rising junior at Mountain View High School in Los Altos, California. I am so excited to be more involved in Girl Up by serving as a Teen Advisor for 2015-2016.

After being involved in Girl Up for two years, I feel extremely honored to be serving as a Teen Advisor. I am committed to girls’ empowerment, am knowledgeable about Girl Up’s mission and vision, and desire to become a global citizen. I am thrilled to be able to provoke change and inspiration on a much larger scale through my involvement in this campaign.

In my free time I enjoy working and volunteering as a tutor in my community, writing for my school newspaper, and playing sports. I truly discovered my passion for girls after getting the opportunity to highlight the life of a girl in foster care at my school and how it has impacted the quality of her education. Writing this story inspired me because this student in foster care pursued her education with great effort and determination despite the fact that she does not have a family or enough money to pay for college on her own.

My experiences have prepared me to become a Teen Advisor because they have shed a light on what I am truly passionate about, which is helping girls have access to a stronger education, providing girls with an outlet to discover their passions/interests, and recognizing girls that have been able to fulfill their goals despite hardships and empowering those that have yet to do so.