Eugenie Park

Hi everyone! I’m Eugenie Park, and I am a 17 year old from Bellevue, Washington. I currently serve as the Founding President of both Girl Up’s Puget Sound Chapter and the Greater Seattle Coalition! I am so (SO) incredibly excited to be serving as a Girl Up Teen Advisor Co-Chair this year, and absolutely cannot wait for the exciting things to come.

Girl Up has given me so much in terms of empowering me and showing me just how much impact I can make in my greater community as well as the broader political sphere. My rowing coach in the beginning of this year asked us to grab our sledgehammers, which we could use to break whatever boundaries or preconceived notions stood in our way. Girl Up has guided me to my sledgehammer within my advocacy work, and has given me an avenue to manifest my passion into something tangible. Here’s to another year of shattering glass ceilings and proving to the world that our success, as girls, is limitless.