Ganna Omar

Hey! My name’s Ganna! I live in Ames, Iowa and attend Ames High School, where I’ll be graduating from in the spring of 2020. I have one younger brother and two younger sisters who light up my world. My parents are my superheroes. Before I was even born, they bought me a box of books that I would later pour over even before I really knew how to read, and those early years of my life are symbolic for my whole life philosophy. I LOVE pursuing knowledge and sharing it, and I believe that every girl and boy should be afforded the right to do that. That’s why I love Girl Up so much, because it gives anyone the ability to contribute what they can to lend those resources over to the little girls who don’t necessarily have a box of books to read from when they want to. I also love and believe that addressing global gender equity (or the lack thereof) is a basis for fixing a ton of other important issues: women and girls have SO much to contribute to global change. I founded and lead the Houghton Keweenaw chapter of Girl Up for some time, before moving to Iowa and founding and currently leading the Ames High chapter.

When I’m not working on Girl Up, I try to find other ways to amass positive change in my community.  I’m most proud of having served on Houghton Keweenaw’s Youth Advisory Council (approving/awarding grants to local nonprofits that look to address youth-oriented issues) and being awarded the Michigan 4H Junior Civic Engagement Award for my community service (and my work with Girl Up).

I’m a self-published author of three books (Secrets, Scribbles, and Fall’s Fury) and I worked so passionately on each of them that each copy is like a slice of my soul. My dream is to *actually* publish a book one day.

More than anything else, I am BEYOND excited to be a Girl Up teen advisor and to learn and grow alongside what I’m sure will become my extensive list of #GirlHeroes.