Georgia Shakeshaft

Hi everyone! My name is Georgia Shakeshaft, I’m 15 years old and live in a regional area about two hours drive from both Sydney and Canberra in New South Wales, Australia. I attend Frensham, a girls boarding school, where I am a grade 10 day student.

I am so incredibly honoured and excited to begin my work as a Teen Advisor this year! I began my work with Girl Up in 2018, when I was instantly drawn in by the amazing community and the idea of ’uniting girls to change the world’. I am founder and president of my Girl Up Club, Girl Up Southern New South Wales, where I have developed fundraising, advocacy, and leadership skills. I am also planning the first ever Australian regional summit in Sydney this year.

Being part of the Girl Up community for the past year has motivated me to be a voice of change in my community, sharing messages and causes on social media and recruiting girls to the Girl Up cause from around my state, and I am hoping to expand Girl Up in Australia.

When I am not fighting for equality with Girl Up, I am doing a lot of other things I am passionate about. I love playing basketball, as it’s a great way to challenge myself both physically and mentally, and it’s a lot of fun! You’ll also constantly find me singing, as I love musical theatre and performing, including public speaking, as expressing myself in new and creative ways is something I really enjoy.

This year I’m so thrilled to be a Teen Advisor and to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world and continue the fight for gender equality!