Gloria Samen

Hi! My name is Gloria, and I am from Potomac, Maryland.

I developed an interest in foreign affairs through Model UN (which I am obsessed with!) in 9th grade. My school’s Model UN club has allowed me to expand my understanding of global issues and come across causes that I am passionate about.  Through research, I started learning more about human trafficking and discovered the atrocities that women and girls face around the world. I was eager to help.

I have exercised this passion for the fight against human trafficking by volunteering for an organization called FAIR Girls. Free, Aware, Inspired, and Restored is what they hope survivors will be after taking part in FAIR Girls services, and I was honored to be part of a team that was bringing love and peace to the lives of ladies who had never experienced that type of compassion. I hope to be able to emulate that same type of love in all that I do.

My neighbor first told me about Girl Up in 10th grade, and I fell in love immediately. Girl Up’s mission and goals are perfectly in line with mine. My excitement for Girl Up has developed in various ways, such as helping to send girls in Liberia to school by donating a quick silly selfie or logging some Charity Miles.

While I spend most of my time focused on political updates and social justice around the world, I also love to sing and run. I have devoted most of my high school career to performances in our school shows with the choral music department. I joined the cross country team in eleventh grade (my biggest high school regret is not trying out before then) and also took on a leadership role in my school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I am so excited to be serving as a Girl Up Teen Advisor and use every skill and talent I have been given to meet a direct need.