Mary Di Martino

Hi! My name is Mary Di Martino and I am from Kensington, MD and am a freshman at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. I am so happy to have the opportunity to meet and work with such strong girls who share many of my values.

I am an activist at heart and I love being involved in many clubs at school such as Feminism Club, where we talk about girls issues in developing countries. In addition to clubs, at my school we also have the SCG (School Community Governance) program where I have joined the Human Rights SCG and was voted to be the President of the Women’s Rights campaign within our SCG.

I am also a part of GirlsUp which is an organization aimed to help younger girls define who they are before society tells them who they have to be. As a two-year teen board member and the Community Service Group Leader, my team and I work to find and organize community service projects and meet monthly to come together and share ideas. We also, hold a summer camp for girls where they do various activities to develop their confidence through their journey to self-discovery in the hardest parts of their lives.

I love playing lacrosse and my team and I spend a lot of time practicing and working out a the gym together, where we all chipped in to hire a trainer for all of us. I love to read and bake. This year I am taking Latin which is slowly helping me to achieve my far off dream of learning Italian!
I am very excited to be working in such an amazing program and am honored to be able to help other girls get an education like mine. I am so grateful to be able to learn like I do and I can’t wait to start making a difference together!