Munira Alimire

Hey there! My name is Munira Alimire and I’m a dual enrollment student through Rochester Community and Technical College and Rochester Stem Academy.

I am a Muslim  second-generation Somali American. I was born in Rochester, MN, but I moved to Kenya in 2008 and just returned in 2016.  Girl Up came to my attention when I read an article online about a former Girl Up Teen Advisor, who said how much it had pushed her into becoming the person she is and it  inspired me to begin my fight for gender equality. She made me realize what would excite  me the most about being a Girl Up Teen Advisor is working with a community of girls who  have the same aspirations of working towards female empowerment globally. It isn’t often  we find people who are this passionate about solving issues faced exclusively by young  girls and I’m grateful for that.

My career aspirations, which I developed while living in Kenya, include working with the  World Health Organization on preventing deaths caused by communicable diseases, such as AIDS and malaria. in developing countries and stopping female genital mutilation  worldwide.  Apart from Girl Up, I am working with MOSTEC; a research program with MIT. I am also  doing research at the Mayo Clinic, taking part in my school’s spoken word events and  updating my blog whenever I remember to. I am looking forward to being a Girl Up Teen  Advisor for 2017-2018!