Nehal Jain

My name is Nehal Jain and I’m a sophomore at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia, a city right outside of Washington, D.C.

A few of my hobbies are playing the guitar, playing the piano, and dancing. I’m part of my school’s DECA and FBLA clubs. I’m also an avid traveler — traveling has given me experiences that have helped drive my passion for helping adolescent girls.

I’ve been involved with Girl Up for about two years now. I first heard about it through my cousin, a former teen advisor. Although I knew girls in developing countries were suppressed, I didn’t know to what extent they were discriminated against. Once I was aware, I was determined to make a difference. I held a mother-daughter tea fundraiser for Girl Up and I started a Girl Up club at my high school during my freshman year. Club meetings easily became my favorite part of the week. I love being able to work with people to raise awareness and advocate for the cause!

Women’s rights’ is an issue that’s been very important to me for a while. Since my family is from India, I have visited the country several times. I’ve seen firsthand what life is like for girls that aren’t educated. There are girls just like me all around the world that are limited by their lack of opportunities. Seeing what these girls go through inspired me to try and make a difference in their lives.

I’m honored to be a Teen Advisor and can’t wait to help girls around the world reach their full potential!