Paola Celeste Alanís Ricárdez

Hi! My name is Paola Alanís. I’m sixteen years old and I’ve been living in Mexico my whole life.
I found out about Girl Up one year ago while I was searching for volunteering programs or organizations I could affiliate to. I had previously seen many news and documentaries about girls’ rights in other countries when I came to realize that a day of one of that girls wasn’t the same as one of mine and how gender equality was something I cared about, so when I found Girl Up, I knew it was something I had to be part of. After that, I reunited enough enthusiastic members to join and started a Girl Up Club in my High School.

Through my Junior year my club hosted screenings, collects and a Girls’ Fair on the International Day of the Girl. We participated as a student group in other activities and special events that hosted our school and even the board of directors got to support us.

On the other hand, I love to go to school, though I don’t like exams or homework, I am always willing to learn something new. I am also passionate about all kind of arts, especially film and photography, on my free time I am always reading, drawing or watching some movies or TV. On my Junior High School, I used to be part of the dance and plastic arts clubs and took violin classes on the Institute of Fine Arts of my city; and even though I don’t regularly practice those activities anymore, I still love to draw, dance or play violin once in a while.

I am delighted to be part of the Teen Advisor class and I can´t wait to expand the Girl Up campaign here in Mexico.