Quinn McGill

Hi! My name is Quinn McGill, I’m 16 years old and I am a rising junior at University Prep High School in Seattle. I have lived in Washington State my whole life. But I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world starting from a young age and meet hundreds of powerful young girls just like me who were given very different opportunities than I was just by the fate of where they were born.
I co-founded my Girl Up Club my freshman year in hopes to bring together the girls in our community to raise our voices about what matters to us! Over the past two years our club has raised over $20,000, grown to more than 30 members, and even had the chance to write letters to a Girl Up club in Rwanda. I expanded my role with Girl Up when I filled the position of Publicity Chair on the Seattle Coalition Executive Board in 2018! My passion for helping girls find their strength, both near and far, has only grown over these past two years as I have created an indescribable bond with over 10 clubs in the Greater Seattle Area.

Outside of my passion for Girl Up, I have participated in club soccer for over 8 years and will continue to find my leadership role on and off the field this year. Soccer has always been a place for me to push myself, build lasting friendships, and step up to be a strong voice. I have a strong belief that there needs to be more equity and representation in competitive women sports and I know that my position in school and club sports will help me to push for this goal. Some of my other interests are equal pay, equity in education, and environmental awareness!

In my free time I love cooking, playing the piano, being with friends and watching movies!

I am beyond excited and humbled to be a Girl Up Teen Advisor for 2019-20. I look forward to continuing to work hard to help more girls find their power and use their voices!