Salomé Beyer

My name is Salomé Beyer and I am from Medellín, Colombia! I am beyond excited to share this next school year with all the amazing girls who take part in Girl Up, and I truly believe that our combined efforts will create a real change in our societies, and therefore, the world. I am the President of Girl Up Medellín and founded this Club in 2015 when I was in 6th grade after I realized all the hardships that women and girls have to overcome in our society. From an early age, I was taught by my parents that I could fly as long as I  wanted to, and I would never be slowed down by chains or glass ceilings. This is the message that I want girls in my community to understand. A few of my hobbies include imaginative traveling, compulsive reading of novels, participation in Model United Nations and advocating for girls in my community! I was elected as Sub-Secretary General of my school’s MUN for the 2020 version, I am part of the National Honor Society, and I also constantly engage in debate forums regarding women’s rights. In college, I want to study History and Political Sciences, and I would love to do so in Europe. I am very interested in learning about new cultures and countries, and I am willing to answer any questions you might have about my city and my country. I want to bring awareness to the gender-based issues in my society, and I also want to provide government-backed programs to help survivors of sexual assault, which are unfortunately very common in my country. I truly believe that through education, my goals can be achieved. I know that the power of girls and the power of education are two of the strongest forces out there, and can’t wait to meet as many Girl Up members as I can! See you soon!