Sarah Gordon

Hi, I’m Sarah Gordon, and I’m in 10th grade at Riverdale High School in Portland, Oregon. I’m a huge history nerd, a voracious reader and a Mock Trial addict, and I like to find new ways to get things done and inspire others!

My love of learning and my travel experience have contributed to my passion for working to create a better world for girls. I have traveled to 16 countries on five continents. In many of these countries, such as Cambodia, Egypt and Peru, I have witnessed extreme poverty. Coming back to America after witnessing things like that can leave you with a feeling of “What now?” and it is tempting to just return to normal life.

But when I was introduced to organizations like Girl Up, which change lives every day, I knew that I could put my travels and passion to good use by joining the movement. My view of the world becme three-dimensional as soon as I stepped away from simply living my life and started working to change lives.

Last year, I had the honor of being named a winner of the National Peace Essay Contest, an annual program run through the United States Institute of Peace. My essay examined how a gendered approach to conflict resolution leads to a more lasting peace.I was so inspired from furthering my knowledge of the political consequences of ignoring girls and women.

I am the President and Founder of the first Girl Up club in Oregon. I launched a fundraiser to create a scholarship fund for girls at a school in Cambodia that I visited last summer through The Ponheary Ly Foundation. The response of my community astounded me, and we raised nearly $4,000, enough to send three girls through high school.

In my spare time, I love to enjoy the wonderful city of Portland, play tennis, and make music videos about historical figures to help others learn, remember, and enjoy the subject which I love so much! Learn more about me and what I do by checking out my YouTube channel.

I am thrilled and honored to be able to work with my incredible fellow Teen Advisors and take action to help the girls of the world!