Shayla Zamora

Hello! My name is Shayla Zamora and I am a sophomore in Suncoast Community High School in south Florida. I am so happy to be joining the amazing class of the 2016-2017 Girl Up Teen Advisors!

I have been involved with Girl Up since 2013 by using my social media skills to help promote the campaign. It wasn’t until 2014 that I first created my Girl Up Club at my middle school that I became madly devoted to the cause. Girl Up Lady Rays, my old club, was extremely successful! We hosted multiple educational activities, raised more than $3,000 with fundraisers, and advocated for girls’ rights by visiting Bill Nelson’s Palm Beach office to petition for the Girls Count Act of 2015. Now I am starting a Girl Up club in my high school where I will hopefully inspire other teenage girls (and boys!) to take action.

When I am not planning for future Girl Up events, I am most likely either volunteering, filming YouTube videos, or studying. I have a deep passion for helping others out when I can. In fact, my videos on my YouTube channel (MsBlossomCutieWinks) are based on inspiring teens to take action, volunteer, and reach for their dreams. Because of my YouTube channel, I have been recognized for many achievements and have been given great opportunities. I have been interviewed by Hello Perfect, a blog that promotes high self- esteem in girls and women through health and wellness education. I was even given the chance to write my own blog post about my bullying experience! Similarly, I got to partner up with Teen Vogue and Secret Deodorant to promote their “Mean Stinks” campaign in October.