Three Things to Expect at the Girl Up Leadership Summit


By Olivia Towery, Girl Up Club member


Are you going to the Girl Up Leadership Summit? If yes, then get pumped because you are about to experience the most inspiring, empowering and fun three days of your life! If you are feeling a bit nervous, don’t worry. When I went to my first summit, I didn’t have a Club and I knew very little about Girl Up, but I LOVED it! It changed my life.

I was in complete awe of the women and girls who surrounded me. Their passion made me feel like I could really make a difference. Each day at the Summit, I learned exactly how Girl Up was making a difference NOW. That’s what initially drew me in. For example, I could see exactly how my fundraising efforts could provide a bicycle to a girl in Malawi so that she could get to school. Later at the Summit, I listened to one of the girls who received a bicycle speak to all 400 Summit attendees about how she was now at the top of her class and using her education to help other girls in her community. Girl Up’s work has an immediate effect! A fire was lit inside of me that I didn’t even know existed and I was hooked. I return to the Summit every year because each time, I learn new ways that I can help improve the lives of other girls, which is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Here are three things to expect at the Girl Up Leadership Summit:

  1. Make some new friends. You will make connections that will last a lifetime with girls from all over the world. At my first DC Summit, I made friends that I have seen at each summit since then, and we stay in touch throughout the year – even at college!
  2. Show your girl power! You should expect a HUGE amount of girl power! Being surrounded by more than 400 other women and girls (and recently a few boys!) who are actively working to improve the lives of girls in their communities and overseas is incredible. You wouldn’t believe some of the changes these girls have made. Girls have hosted their own regional summits, mobilized their Members of Congress while they are home, and even built hygiene kits to send to girls in need.
  3. You’re ready to make a difference. And last but not least, expect to leave with the tools to make a difference. Whether they help you start your own club, implement new fundraisers, or further connections with your members of Congress, these tools will allow you to do it all after the Leadership Summit. Enjoy these three days and take it all in!