What I’m Most Excited About This Leadership Summit


By: Sofia Scarlat, Girl Up Club member from Romania


I first heard about the Leadership Summit when I received my Club Leader Book after starting Girl Up Romania. There were a few photos from the 3-day conference included in the handbook and I vividly remember thinking how amazing it would be to attend such an interesting and empowering event. I hoped to be able to attend someday and now, I am finally able to do so! Traveling from Romania to DC, I can confidently say that my thoughts about why the Summit is so important haven’t changed – if anything, I’m more certain than ever that this event is one of the most significant learning experiences a girl my age can take part in.

I’m thrilled to be attending because I look at the Leadership Summit as being a very rare eye-opening experience. I know I will leave having learnt so much in such a short amount of time and with many new friendships made. The Summit provides an open environment to discuss girl empowerment, its importance, and what we can do to help not only other girls, but also fellow changemakers, from writers to full-time activists and CEOs. It’s an opportunity to present my ideas, and then work together to bring those ideas to life to create important change both in the U.S. and in my home country. It’s an opportunity to broaden my horizons about what I can truly achieve and the boundaries I can break. It’s an opportunity to meet girls from across the globe who are fighting similar battles in their homes and share stories with them, learn from their experience, and be reminded that despite how challenging the road can be, I am never alone when working towards girl empowerment.

The Girl Up DC Leadership Summit is a chance to grow both as an activist and as an individual, and I’m excited to attend because I know it’ll all be within a comfortable environment, surrounded by so many other inspiring young girls. I hope everyone reading this post will be among that group, and I hope we’ll all be able to learn from each other this July!


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